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Dance clubs

*** Rum Bay on N. Tejon (Downtown)
This is the hottest spot in town. It is a hot dance club on one side and dueling pianos on the other side. Friday and Saturday nights are hopping.
** Mardi Gras, 5923 N. Academy Blvd. (The old Baker Street). 528-6188
The surfers came... They redecorated the interior to New Orleans Mardi Gras style, playing old tunes. Free drinks on Fridays and Saturdays.
** Rickenbackers at The Sheraton, 2886 S. Circle Dr. 576-5900
A cool club, featuring a neat game room (pool, shuffle board, darts and a small b-ball court). They have bands and DJs. A great place to meet some friends to chill or to party with. They also have a small cigar selection. It's worth checking out.
**Stars, 1 Lake Circle (Broadmoor)
The Stars Nightclub at the Broadmoor is what you'd expect from the Broadmoor; classy and expensive. Nice bar, new cigar bar. The average age is 35 to 55.
** America's Beach Club at the old rodeo, 3506 N. Academy Blvd. 597-6121
Playing old hip hop pop 80's and 90's. Girls and guys pay $5. Young crowd, 21-28.
** Maxi's at the Red Lion Inn, 1775 E. Cheyenne Rd. 576-8900
Maxi's plays the oldies and new soul. Age group ranges from 30 to 50. Best nights are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
** The Underground, 130 E. Kiowa (downtown). 633-0590
The Underground is a unique club playing alternative and modern music with live bands as well. The average age group is 21 to 30. The best nights are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
** O'Furry's, 900 E. Fillmore. 634-3106
O'Furry's plays all kinds of music and sports a volleyball court. Ages range from 21 to 40. They also serve great wings. Good nights to go are Thursday (college night), Friday and Saturday.
** Meadow Muffins, 2432 W. Colorado (Old Colorado City). 633-0583
Meadow Muffins is just like O'Furry's sans court, but both have wild interiors. The best nights are Friday and Saturday.
** Jupiter Moons (The old Crocks)
Plays contemporary pop and swing. Nice club, but nobody is there.
* The Party Zone, 3958 N. Academy Blvd. 591-7890
It's the old taboo club, playing jazz and dance tunes.
* The Function (The old Metro), 5923 N. Academy Blvd. 528-6188
This one is for the kids, allows 18 year olds.
* Vertigo, 414 W. Fillmore
Vertigo plays pop and rap dance music. The ages range from 23 to 40. Best nights are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
* Sin City, 2106 East Platte. 471-9317
Here's what one of our visitors had to say about it:
I have only been there once. It's a cool club. They do alow 18 years and older and serve alcohol to 21 and older, they do check IDs. The music is mostly techno and industrial. More of a gothic crowd. Everyone wears black. Not many people there, but it would be an awesome club if they had a bigger crowd. >